Yazd International Trade Center” won first place of 2A Asia Architecture Award 2015 in Future Projects/Innovative Designs Category


2A magazine has announced the final winners of the 2A Asia Architecture Award 2015: 2AAA 2015. The 2AAA 2015 was held in conjunction with ITU Faculty of Architecture as award academic partner.

The 2015 2AAA took place in two stages. Out of 613 submitted projects in seven categories, around 400 projects met the award submission standards in the first stage.


A jury comprised of leading architects and professionals from India (Romi KHosla), Iran (Bahram Shirdel), South Korea (Seung H-Sang), and Turkey (Sinan Mert Sener, and Yavuz Selim Sepin) evaluated the projects in two stages and with respect to the award key goal: to identify the quintessence of Architecture in Asia and to glorify the importance of social and cultural identity and significance of spirituality along with physical aspects of architecture.


Finally, On October 16, 2015, the Yazd International Trade Center was publicly announced and awarded first place in the 2015 award ceremony. Winners Awarded in seven categories with each category featuring three winners from first to third places and some honorable mentions in some categories.